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Individual/Self development, also known as Personality development, is the requirement of every student and professional. It helps students to learn the basic things needed for the future professional readiness and it helps the professionals to get polished for better corporate presence. While we understand the need of the different segments, we have customized modules to train them.
Our training is not a class room training and we consider every individual as a single class. We give individual attention for the real and effective result. As we all know that every individual has a different need, we take every module step-by-step which are designed by keeping the objective of development in real sense.
Objective:“To develop and nurture youth by providing right understanding of the situation and formulae to survive in the changing environment of the market and to make them ready for corporate world.”
Who can Join?: Any student from studying in school or college or even a professional.

BBA Coaching in Pal

Our Training content (Not limited to):

Winning Personality Goal setting and SWOT
Barrier Removal – I Barrier Removal – II
Stress Management Time Management
Leadership Development Entrepreneurial Characteristics
Mind Power Body Language
Public Speaking and Dressing GD and PI – I